ZapVir Inc. was formed to exclusively market innovative Over the Counter (OTC) health and wellness products, targeted at helping remove germs and promote healthier people.

The world has become a dangerous place.  Pathogens (“germs”) of all kinds are all around and a root cause of illness and human suffering and represent a great threat to human health. ZapVir’s mission is to provide effective, easy to use tools to protect people from these germs and their harmful effects.

ZapVir Inc will focus initially on Sinus, Nasal, and Traveler Antiseptic products.  We know that many germs find a path to infecting humans through the nose and mouth as well as being transported in planes, trains, busses, cruise ships, and other means.

ZapVir Inc is producing three initial products. These are SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray (already in the market for 15 years), SinoFresh Kool Blast Sore Throat Spray and a TSA Compliant “Travelers Germ Defense Kit” that will contain a Nasal and Oral antiseptic Spray, as well as a Foaming Hand Sanitizer – an FDA-compliant HI-IQ Germ Killer and Sanitizing Wipes – an EPA-registered HI-IQ Surface Sanitizer.

Develop and market innovative, homeopathic, and alternative approaches to healthcare products that improve lives by reducing the risk of discomfort and infectious disease.  Utilize Science for Defense against Germs and Pathogens.


Act with integrity, honesty, and inclusion with our colleagues and customers in an environment of constant learning and respect. Make every day better than the previous one. Support each other and have fun.


Become a dominant player in our healthcare sectors by improving the lives of our customers. Build a customer-centric and innovative environment.